Delta Air Lines Flight Attendant

Delta Flight Attendant


Delta Air Lines is the oldest still-operating United States airline. With 186,389,862 passengers in 2017, it is the world´s second-largest airline (after American Airlines). In 2009, Delta absorbed Northwest Airlines. Its headquarter is located in Atlanta, with the main hub being Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Apart from Atlanta Airport, Delta has seven additional hubs. In total, Delta employs more than 20,000 flight attendants, most of which are US citizen. The corporate language is English.


The most important information follows below.


Promotion/Career perspectives:


1. Flight attendant

Delta is one of the few American airlines, that do not put new flight attendants on continuous reserve for multiple years. Every month you will have 6 days of reserve, which means that you are "on call" and need to be at the airport within 2 hours on those days. After around 13 - 27 years (depending on the base), these 6 days of reserve will disappear. Already from the start, you can self-assign trips and around the 16th you will receive a schedule for the following month with your designated trips and 6 days of reserve. You can bid for the 6 days of reserve to be in one block or in two blocks of 3 days. This way - already from the start - you will have a certain influence on the days you are flying, the days you are on reserve, the destinations you fly to and the aircraft type you work one.


Payment / Wage / Salary:

The salary as a Delta flight attendant is completely based on an hourly pay per flight hour. This hourly pay depends on the seniority (years working as a Delta flight attendant) and multiple extra factors (see below). For each day of training (not during the initial training course), you will receive the payment of 4 flight hours.


As you will get a maximum of 6 days of reserve, there is no guarantee on a minimum amount of hours. However, usually you will fly between 70 - 90 hours.



The basic hourly pay per flight hour (efffective from December 2018)

(depening on the seniority):

1st year: $28.89

2nd year: $30.62

3rd year: $32.58

4rd year: $34.70

5th year: $38.22

6th year: $43.29

7th year: $47.36

8th year: $48.88

9th year: $50.22

10th year: $52.11

11th year: $53.54

12th year: $56.08

13th+ year: $64.96

Delta Air Lines Flight Attendant Salary

Home base:

Delta bases its flight attendants at eight different hubs:

  • Atlanta (ATL): largest hub
  • Detroit (DTW): second-largest hub
  • Minneapolis/St. Paul (MSP): third-largest hub
  • New York City - LaGuardia (LGA):
  • Salt Lake City (SLC)
  • New York City - JFK (JFK)
  • Los Angeles (LAX)
  • Seattle/Tacoma (SEA)

Where you will stay after a working day:

Sometimes you will stay at a hotel in another city or sometimes you return back to your home base at the end of the day.


The more senior you get, the more desirable your trips can get. The reason for this is that the bidding system (the system in which you can request flights for the following month) is based on seniority (if multiple flight attedants requested one flight, the most senior one will get it). There is no fixed number of hours/flights you have to work per month. You can "drop" and "pick up" as many flights as you want. Dropping flights means that you put your flight onto the employee swap board and another flight attendant picks up that flight. The other way around, you can pick up flights that other employees have put on the swap board (as long as it doesn´t colide with your designated trips). However, as the flights for new flight attendants are often not as desirable, it might be difficult to drop them off to another colleague, as most likely no one else would want that flight.

As a new Delta flight attendant, you can realistically expect to work around 70 - 90 hours per month. 

IMPORTANT: You need to work at least 540 hours a year to maintain your health insurance!

Delta Training course:

The training lasts for 7 - 8 weeks and you will get paid $1,822.17 per month. Housing is also provided.

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