General Information

General information

Being a flight attendant is a real dream job for many people. However, being a flight attendant is not the right profession for everyone.

The reasons for a career as a flight attendant are endless. Do you enjoy dealing with all kinds of people, discovering new cultures, speaking different languages and working flexible hours? Your answer to all these questions is "yes"? That´s a good start! However, you´re not there yet, as there are also fixed requirements. On the page called "Requirements" you will find the minimum requirements each airline has set for its flight attendants. If you do not meet these minimum requirements, you cannot apply.

Even though the flight attendant profession already exists for more than 100 years, there are still many questions and doubts concerning this job above the clouds. Do you travel the world? Are you lying at the beach the whole day, or are you actually lying in your own bed every night? Do you still have time to meet friends and family, or have your colleagues become your friends? Is this a career for just a few years or can I actually fly until I retire?

The answers to many of these questions depend on the airline you are working for, as working conditions largely vary between airlines. A difference can be made between airlines where you always return to your home after a day of flying and airlines where your normally stay at a hotel after your working day, which means that you will only be at home around 10 to 15 days a month. Also your home base (the airport where all your flights depart and you eventually also return to) is an important factor. On the page "Airlines", you will find an overview of all the airlines, with specific information concerning each airline.

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